Importance of Soft Skills in Nursing Career

Soft skills for nurses are essential in these days. More the time inpatient communicates with nurses rather than doctor. It's the duty of nurses to report the doctor about the status of the patient immediately and precisely. Sound technical knowledge, better patience and perseverance help them to handle the situation comfortably. 
Lack of exposure to real time situations and mere participation in community/ team activities while studying make them difficult to work in hospitals. But the situation demands them to develop themselves the professional behavior in listening, interpersonal, social and communication skills, and ethical attitudes to interact with patients. So better they engage in such activities help them to.
The need for management skills can be avoidable in their budding stages of career, but it's not the cases of experienced folks. There must be plans to enhance their soft and technical skills of nurses. Better understanding of professional ethics starting from dress codes, telephone etiquette, Basic drug administration, Collection of specimens and samples, Bio waste management, Management of unit/ward and so. Most important of them are understanding of the hospital policy which helps them to behave with the benchmark set by the hospital higher-up. 
Crisis of critical situation management is frequent at the hospital and the on time unavailability of doctor's presence insists the nurses to play active roles. To handle such a situation continuous training program must be given to them. One among such situations was calling doctors at the night for immediate actions, I think a good protocol training to talk with them in phone can be maintained. With a proper introduction to physician, which department they are from, patient and room number, status, and importantly good descriptions on the situation where doctor can understand the situation clearly. 
"The quality of the moral commitment is a measure of the nurse's excellence "Myra E. Levine. Team effort and individual effort only make them uplift from such a situation. Soft skill development was not a single day effort and It's a continuous effort to rank up the expectation in competitive world. To achieve such a quality of excellence, they must polish both their technical and soft skills through a continuous education program conducted internally. One year orientation Programme 2010 for the staff nurses and other extracurricular activities for staffs and students at Vydehi College of Nursing Bangalore helps them to lay a good foundation at institute.
Praveen working at Vydehi medical college speaks about the importance of soft skills training at  Nursing College  for their future.